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Having a dog not only changes your life for the better, but you will of course have a major impact on theirs as well. A dog may not be there for our whole life, but we are for theirs. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that we have a great loving relationship between our dog and ourselves. But of course it is not always that easy.

To enable us to have a happy dog, we have to train them from right and wrong. The ideal time to do this is from puppyhood, as it stops a lot of problems from forming in the future. But the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a lie! Any dog can be trained effectively and efficiently, whether it is their own behavioural problem, or one caused directly or indirectly from their owners.

Once you change your behaviour, then your pooch will change theirs, and you can have a happy relationship after my training sessions from then on.

Please note that Doggie SOS are no longer dealing with aggressive dogs.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused.

“We sought help as our 14 month old Labrador was becoming rather vocal and barking excessively every time someone came to the door or when he heard car doors slam outside. Terasa was a great help and we shall be implementing all her advice straight away. Already seeing a marked improvement.”

Paula & Ralph, Aldershot

“I was particularly impressed by Terasa’s patience in endless repetition, even in the freezing drizzle around a car park full of people and dogs! Not many people would want to work in those conditions. She also backed up every session with an informative email and showed interest in how I was progressing on my own with him. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a problematic dog. Thank you, Terasa!.”

Anna and Rocky & Zephy., Farnham

“By the second lesson we had taught him to sit, lay down, stand and to bow! Gus is also walking to heal. Gus is only 14 weeks old and we have achieved all this in that time!
We can’t recommend Terasa enough and encourage anyone who has a puppy to also have Terasa in their life too!.”

Emma and Gus, Farnham

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Don’t wait any longer. It is easier than you think. In just one or two sessions, depending on the problem, together we will completely change the way you handle and control your dog and you’ll both be enjoying each other to the full.

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