A Structure of a Doggie SOS lesson

A Structure of a Doggie SOS lesson
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A Structure of a Doggie SOS lesson

”Doggie SOS offers the best training and advice for you and your doggie companion.”

Although each dog is different, a typical session will include:

  • Observing your dog and recreating any problems and/ or situations that cause them.
  • Watching your current reaction to problems and how you deal or don’t deal with them, and teaching you the correct way to cope when problems arise.
  • Teaching you how to see problems coming and how to avoid them, as well as teaching you positive leadership and behavioural affirmations.


The more technical aspect of my session structures can be seen below, but you will see these in action more clearer when I meet you and your pooch.


Behaviour modification

Behaviour modification is the use of the principles of learning to affect a change in an individual.


A process in which the dog learns to respond in a specific way when presented with a specific stimulus (food reward or favourite toy)


Here learning is used to replace an unacceptable behaviour with an acceptable one in response to the same stimulus.


This is a process that can be used for dogs that are fearful or nervous about something, by slowly introducing the dog without causing a reaction. This process could take several weeks.


A learning technique in which the reaction-provoking stimulus is repeated until it no longer elicits a response.


In this method, the dog is exposed to the stimuli continuously until there is a major improvement in its reactions.

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