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How I work
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A little bit of info about me

I am a qualified and fully insured dog psychologist, behaviourist and trainer, based in Farnham, Surrey. My aim is to help facilatite balanced and rewarding relationships between dogs and owners.

  • Diploma – dog psychology MOC.SFTR

  • Diploma – dog training MOC.SFTR

  • Diploma – Dog aggression MOC.SFTR


I would never have thought that 10 years ago I would be where I am today; due to the fact my husband swayed me from getting a cat! I thought what hard work it would be getting a puppy when cats are so easy.

In preparation I read books about Rhodesian ridgebacks on holiday, knowing that when we got back we were collecting our very own! I was really excited even though the book mentioned that this breed is very stubborn and it needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader who can provide rules.

Meek and/or passive owners, or owners who treat the dog like a human rather than a canine will have a hard time controlling this breed, and may also cause them to become combative with other dogs. Ridgebacks react best to an extremely consistent, firm but calm approach to training. They are intelligent and learn quickly, but will be stubborn and wilful if they are stronger-minded than the humans.

My children were then pretty much self-sufficient, I thought how much hard work can a puppy be compared to raising two boys… well I was in for a shock. Puppies are hard work! The first couple of months he must of thought his name was “no”!

How I Work

When you work with me, I can always guarantee a professional yet caring manner will be provided. So that you know what to expect from my sessions, here is an outline below of what to expect.

From the first phone call I will find out what problems you and your dog have been having and how are currently dealing with it. Your behaviour is just as important as your dogs in this situation. This allows me to get started straight away with training, and really tackle the problem quickly and efficiently.

Each dog and dog owner is different, that’s why I will provide you with a personalised plan to handle the behavioural problems that your dog suffers from. I will provide you with ways to ensure that the problems are rectified, and provide training to show you the correct way to make sure they don’t return.

I always use positive reinforcement in my training, so that your dog understands right from wrong behaviour in a non-threatening manner.

Timing is also very important when it comes to discipline and rewards, as your dog can become confused if these are not done correctly.

When we are finished with the session, I am happy to check up on your pooch or contact you to see how the training programme is going. If you follow my steps, then you will be set for a much happier relationship with your dog.

  • A typical but not exclusive session will consist of:
  • Observing your dog and recreating any problems and/or situations that cause them.
  • Observing you with your dog and recreating any problems and/or situations that cause them.
  • Watching your current reaction to problems and how you deal or don’t deal with them.
  • Teaching you the correct way to cope when problems arise.
  • Teaching you how to see problems coming and how to avoid them.
  • Teaching you positive leadership and positive behavioural affirmations.

The session may include social/behavioural interaction with my Rhodesian ridge back assistant Tembu.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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