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Success Story – Beau


Beau ''With Terasa on side and doing what she showed me, i feel for the first time in a long while we are heading in the right direction.'' What a transformation in such a short space of time, i didn’t want Terasa to leave. My little dog

Success Story – Beau2019-05-27T10:33:57+00:00

Success story – Roger


Rodger ''My girlfriend and I are so grateful for Terasa’s work, and she was so helpful in letting us know that puppies will be puppies,'' My girlfriend and I had never got a dog together before, but we do have 3 cats that own the house. My

Success story – Roger2019-02-27T13:02:01+00:00

Choosing the right breed


Choosing the right breed of dog ''Choosing the right dog breed just got a tiny bit easier with Doggie SOS!'' When a dog enters your life, from day one, an unbreakable bond of love and trust is formed. Although your dog is only there for a portion

Choosing the right breed2019-02-25T20:13:33+00:00

Success Story – Muffin


Muffin ''She was so professional and down to earth at the same time, showing a real caring attitude with our dogs and us.'' When my husband and I got our first dog together named Nigel, our rather fat corgi, we were over the moon with how well

Success Story – Muffin2019-02-12T15:53:52+00:00

Teaching your dog not to jump up


Teaching your dog not to jump up ''One of the most common problems with dogs is that of jumping up on people.'' One of the most common problems with dogs is that of jumping up on people. Unfortunately, this is one of those behaviours that are often

Teaching your dog not to jump up2019-02-04T16:17:28+00:00

Success Story – Goldie


Goldie ''I did master the heel most of the time.. I’m still working on it, I just need to be consistent as I know Goldie can do it.'' I was recommended by a friend of mine whom had training with her dog Mylo. I called Doggie SOS

Success Story – Goldie2019-01-24T16:31:26+00:00

Success Story – Bruno


Bruno ''It's amazing how quick Terasa from Doggie SOS was able to work,'' Where do I start! Over the last 6 months I have struggled with my rescue dog Bruno the Alsatian. At first he was very timid he didn’t bark much or cause much trouble ,

Success Story – Bruno2019-01-18T17:18:23+00:00
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