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Success Story – Teddy


Teddy ''I am so pleased with the outcome a month later!'' I called Terasa regarding my 5 month old labradoodle, this is my first puppy I’ve owned, I was almost going to take him back.. the constant biting & nipping and running away from me! Terasa came

Success Story – Teddy2019-01-15T17:07:36+00:00

Success Story – Billy


Billy ''30 mins into the session she had him walking past dog’s without barking, or lunging, she made it look easy'' I contacted Terasa (doggie sos) regarding my Dog Billy. Walking him became a nightmare, I started avoiding public places or anywhere other dogs would be. Barking

Success Story – Billy2019-01-11T16:56:09+00:00

Success Story – Max


Max ''I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my dog in one hour! '' I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my dog in one hour! It made me giggle watching how my dog changed from a hyper dog to a relaxed  calm dog, I thought

Success Story – Max2018-12-21T12:30:25+00:00

Understanding Your Dog


Understanding Your Dog Before we can start talking about dog training and behaviour, it is extremely important to understand their instincts, natural behaviour, and ancestry. Understanding your dog is a key factor when training your dog. It is important to know what they are comfortable with and

Understanding Your Dog2018-12-17T15:22:25+00:00

25 tips to training your dog


25 tips to training your dog ''Whether you have just got a new puppy or you've had your dog companion for some time, Doggie SOS is here to provide you with service that teaches every owner a way to get their perfect doggie companion'' Be committed. Do

25 tips to training your dog2018-12-10T16:55:42+00:00

A letter from a dog


A Letter From A Dog ''A letter from me to woof'' Dear Human, Let me start off by saying that I love you. I really do. You feed and take care of me, play and take me for walks and then at the end of the day,

A letter from a dog2018-12-05T15:38:15+00:00

Success Story – Alfie


Alfie ''Doggie SOS gave us some great practical tips and within a week we feel that we have much better control of Alfie.'' Having a personal training session with Doggie SOS was a godsend – being in our own home allowed the whole family to participate and

Success Story – Alfie2018-12-04T14:19:13+00:00

Teach the ‘Take It & Drop It’


Teach the ''Take it & Drop it'' Command. ''Follow the simple steps to teaching the drop it command'' You can prevent resource guarding from ever developing by teaching your puppy or dog to trade and give up objects, making the whole experience a game. The 'Take It

Teach the ‘Take It & Drop It’2018-12-03T16:50:53+00:00

Success Story – Buster


Buster ''He responded really well to your calm approach and have given me the confidence to insist command from him'' Thank you for your prompt assistance with helping train Buster. He responded really well to your calm approach and have given me the confidence to insist command

Success Story – Buster2018-12-02T18:23:47+00:00
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