Doggie SOS Competition Photo Submission

Doggie SOS Competition Photo Submission
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Competition Photo Submission

Being a dog owner creates a truly loving journey between you and your pooch, and whether you welcomed them into your life as a puppy, or an older dog, we’re sure that there will have been plenty of times when they’ve made you laugh.

Whether it’s falling off the sofa, making a funny noise, or face planting, dogs have an incredibly ability to make us laugh by being incredibly uncoordinated at times.

If you have had the sheer luck of catching this on your phone or camera, then you could be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize from us!

Whether they’re being totally adorable, or a total dork, if you’re able to snap your pooch at this time, and send it to us, you have the chance of winning yourself £50! That’s £50 that could be spent on treating your dog to some new treats and toys, or of course treating yourself as a hard working owner.

If you are in the local area as well, you will be offered a FREE dog training lesson, where you can learn to bond even more with your pooch, or finally work on some naughty habits that have needed seeing to for a while.

Not only do you get a chance to win some fantastic prizes, your doggie will also be featured on our Doggie SOS website and social media pages which are browsed worldwide!

This really is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash, simply by your dog doing something funny and ridiculous. A free training session by Térasa as well is a great chance to work on the bond you have with your pooch, and strengthen it even more by overcoming any minor or major problems you’ve been facing.

So get snapping people! And make sure to give your dog a proper photoshoot whenever it makes a fool out of itself, so you can take advantage of this great prize.

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