Deciding on the best training for your dog

Deciding on the best training for your dog
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Deciding on the best training for your dog

Before you begin training your puppy, it is very important to know all the available training program options. These days, there are several dog training programs available according to your requirements and how much you are willing to pay. If you have a puppy and you want to have a good relationship with your furry companion, seeing him or her doing exactly what you want him to do, then the best thing to do is deciding on the best training for your dog.

People acquire dogs for different reasons. Some love pet animals and some buy dogs for companionship. But after buying a dog, some folks do not know how to train their pooches and the type of training their puppy should undergo. Transforming your pet dog behaviour is the goal of every dog owner. Sometimes, the right thing for your pooch is a combination of several different training. Depending on your needs and what you think will be the best for your dog, you can choose any or a combination of the following types of dog training program.

Basic Obedience: This is the basic type of dogs training program and all dogs should have some kind of obedience training. Domestic dogs usually receive this type of training which includes “stay,” “sit,” “down,” and “heels.”

Behaviour Training: This is a kind of training where your pet is taught all about being a good and honest “citizen” in the society. Basically, this training has to do with housetraining, potty training and good behaviour when in public places with other dogs or people around, practical and reasonable leash etiquette and other trivial but important things that will normally make your dog a better companion.

Show Dog – This type of training has to do with learning tricks to please the audiences. They are exceptional in resisting interruptions that come from different people and even from the surroundings. Some of the tricks that are taught are heeling, standing, and moving objects.

Police Dog Training: this is the kind of training giving to dogs that work with law enforcement agencies, such as military dogs, police dogs, and K9 dogs. These dogs are mostly trained to improve their skills, senses, and abilities. Some of these K9 dogs are experts in the detection of contraband goods and bombs. Their sense is well trained to track down criminals.

Physical assistance Training: This is training giving to dogs that help people with physical disabilities. Many of them help people who are disabled, blind or have medical conditions. Training these types of dogs is very expensive, particularly if one prefers professionally trained and certified dogs. However, you can also choose to do the job of training them.

Search and Rescue Training: with great senses of smell, this kind of pooch finds missing people by air sniffing. This means tracking down people through their smell by sniffing through the air. Ground sniffing can as well be used.

The above are just some of the basic types of dog training. With the right trainer, dog behaviourist and the right qualities of a dog, you will have a pet that is useful not only for one family but for the entire society. Look into your dog’s qualities and decide which type of training he is best for. And remember Doggie SOS’ got you covered in every aspect of dog training.

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