One to One home visits

One to One home visits
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Please note, during the Covid pandemic, dog behaviourists will wear a mask and follow all protocols to ensure the safety of both staff and our customers 

One to One home visits

Home visits are great for dogs struggling with problems outside of the house, or even territorial issues within. If the situation is serious and requires urgent attention, then this is another reason why one to one home visits can be beneficial.

Home visits can also be great for the owners if it’s more convenient than travelling with your dog.

I will need to get to know your dog in order for the session to help, so any medical history or behavioural history is very important. A home visit will typically last between 1-2 hours. Following my observations, a behavioural modification program will be drawn up and forwarded to you in writing on what can happen next if more support is needed or to summarise the session. Follow-up emails or telephone support are included in the one off fee.

Further appointments can be arranged to assess progress and provide further help if necessary. These can be arranged either at your home or at the training venue, and will be at an additional cost.

”I’m dedicated to making dogs and their owners happy. It is very rewarding to me both personally and professionally to to work with both dogs and owners and create a positive change in their behaviour. More importantly, is seeing the new understanding the owner has towards their dog.”

Terasa Wicks

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