One to One Park Visits 

One to One Park Visits 
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Project Description

One to One Park Visits 

One to One Park visits allow me to get to know your pooch in an environment outside of the house, meaning that I get a better look at how your dog acts outside of it’s normal territory. These sessions usually take place in a enclosed field to ensure that the area is secure.

You may prefer to arrange dog training on a one to one basis if your dog struggles possibly with group work, or if you have issues that you would rather be solved individually. These park sessions can be for general training or to resolve a specific issue. Dog owners can mainly struggle with recalling and walking on the lead among many other issues. These sessions not only tackle issues with the dog, but any issues that can be a fault of the owner. These sessions will be for 1 hour.

If committing to a course is something that you are unable to do for time purposes, or if you have specific problems that would require more of my attention, then these park visits may be more convenient for you.

”I’m dedicated to making dogs and their owners happy. It is very rewarding to me both personally and professionally to to work with both dogs and owners and create a positive change in their behaviour. More importantly, is seeing the new understanding the owner has towards their dog.”

Terasa Wicks

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