Services and Structures

Services and Structures
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Services and Structures

Dog Behaviour Correction-

I will visit you on site, identify the issues and offer effective solutions. These problems usually take between 1-2 hours to correct the problem.

Cost: £40.00 per one hour session.

Walking and Exercising Coaching-

I will go out on a walk with you and your dog and teach you how to deal with the problems you are facing, such as other dogs, traffic, busy situations etc.

Cost: £40.00 per one hour session.

Individual Socialising Coaching-

I will teach you how to handle your dog in social situations with other people and/ or other dogs. This may involve my assistant Tembu if I believe he will help the situation.

Cost: £40.00 per one hour session.

Group Socialising Coaching-

This session is suitable for groups of 2-5 owners and their dogs, and helps to see your dog in an environment with others in order to correct a social problem. I will accompany you all on a group walk to show you how to correctly interact with each other. This may involve my assistant Tembu.

Cost: £35.00 each for a one hour session.

”I’m dedicated to making dogs and their owners happy. It is very rewarding to me both personally and professionally to to work with both dogs and owners and create a positive change in their behaviour. More importantly, is seeing the new understanding the owner has towards their dog.”

Terasa Wicks

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