Success Story – Gus

Success Story – Gus


”14 weeks old and we have achieved all this in that time!”

Gus came into our lives when he was 8 weeks old. We have never owned a dog before so were very unsure of how to train a puppy.

Gus was nipping and snapping a bit, mainly at our 5 year old daughter and I wanted to stop it quickly before it became a problem. Terasa came to the rescue when Gus was 10 weeks old and we haven’t looked back!

Terasa’s presence was calming and she reassured us that it could be resolved very quickly. By the end of the first session he wasn’t nipping and we had also taught him the ‘leave’ command, which was amazing as this applies to everything!

By the second lesson we had taught him to sit, lay down, stand and to bow! Gus is also walking to heal. Gus is only 14 weeks old and we have achieved all this in that time!

We can’t recommend Terasa enough and encourage anyone who has a puppy to also have Terasa in their life too!

Emma and Gus, Farnham, Surrey

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