Success Story – Muffin

Success Story – Muffin
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”She was so professional and down to earth at the same time, showing a real caring attitude with our dogs and us.”

When my husband and I got our first dog together named Nigel, our rather fat corgi, we were over the moon with how well trained he was and how much of a perfect family dog he was for us and kids. Because of this success we decided to get another dog from the rescue centre called Muffin, a very friendly Great Dane. However our two pooches could not be more opposite. Muffin would not respond well to commands, and often tried to fight other dogs and sometimes have a go at Nigel.

I think in the beginning my husband and I didn’t want to admit that we were having trouble training Muffin due to how well behaved Nigel was, and we were hesitant about contacting a dog trainer. We heard about Terasa from a friend of ours who had worked with her before, and decided to give her a call and see if she could help as it was getting all too much.

Terasa could not have been more helpful and calm with both of our dogs upon having her round to our house and going on a short walk with them. She was extremely helpful, and made sure we understood what the issues were here, which was that we were treating Muffin and Nigel differently, and when giving commands we had to be firm and show that we were the ones in charge.

She explained how it was likely Muffin had not been trained in the past, so showed us some key tricks and tips into handling a big dog, let alone one that hadn’t been trained. She made it so clear to us that Muffin was not a bad dog on purpose, but more that she had had no guidance. Muffin and even Nigel are now as good as gold, Muffin totally respects our commands and it’s all down to Terasa.

Terasa would send us follow up emails every so often and even re-visitied to see how we were getting along. Terasa taught us that we shouldn’t be embarrassed about having a misbehaved dog, and showed us how sometimes you need a little help with a new dog. She was so professional and down to earth at the same time, showing a real caring attitude with our dogs and us. We are thrilled and should we get another dog in the future, shall definitely use her expertise again.

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